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Stroll Around Kuşadası

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Stroll Around Kuşadası

Wander around the Old Town by yourself. Save some time for shopping in Scala Nuova Village.

You will start visiting the Pigeon Island, then visit Caravanserai, Kaleiçi Mosque.

And Turkish Bath will be a cherry on top. Please ask for more information at the Guest Information Center after the customs.

Stroll Around Kuşadası
  • Pigeon Island

    Pigeon island once was an island, and it was connected to mainland in 1960's.There is a castle on the island, which is situated across the bay of Kuşadası. You can take unique photographs of your ship from the island. The entrance to the castle is totaly free. You will see some peacocks after you climb the stairs, relax under the olive trees and watchover the town.

  • Caravanserai

    Öküz Mehmet Pasha Caravanserai built for marine trade by Grand Vizier Öküz Mehmet Pasha in 1618. It is located near the Kuşadası wharf. It was restored in 1966 and used as a hotel.

  • Kaleiçi Mosque

    This excellent example of Ottoman architecture is located in the centre of Kusadasi and was built in the 17th century by the Grand Vizier Okuz Mehmet Pasha, and is still used today for prayer.

  • Turkish Bath

    Turkish Bath, Hamam in Turkish, is an unique experience that we recommend everyone who visits Kuşadası. First you experience steam room, then you get a full body scrub where the whole death skin comes off, after a nice rinse they will give you a foam massage and rinse again. After all they will give you a nice oil massage. You will be all refreshed and relaxed.

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