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Discover the Nature

Short Trips

Discover the Nature

Rent a car from our Guest Information Center and drive to National Park of Dilek Peninsula.

Visit Zeus Cave at the entrance of the National Park.

You can get to the Olukdere Canyon for trecking and witness all the beautiful flora.

You can visit different bays of the National Park for swimming.


Discover the Nature
  • Zeus Cave

    Swim in the blue-green coloredmixture of spring water from the mountain and salty seawater. In Ancient Greek mythology, Zeus, the Olympian ruler of the skies, used to hide in the cave to escape the fury of his brother Poseidon, the ruler of the seas after Zeus angered him. Poseidon, in his wrath, would unleash very high waves and other dangerous water conditions with his trident.

  • Olukdere Canyon

    There is a medium rough 17,8 km trekking path which ends in old Greek Town called Doğanbey. However you can still enjoy the beautiful rare Mediterranean flora by trekking 5 km.

  • Beach

    Visit "İçmeler Koyu" if you want to swim in a sandy beach . It is just after the entrance. We remind you that this bay is always busy.

    Visit "Karasu Koyu" for a cristal clear water in a pebble beach.

Other Short Trips